Tournament Guide

CMAC Students Tournament Guide

If your child is planning on attending a tournament, here are a few things you need to know:

  1. Most tournaments begin with Opening Ceremonies, although some don’t have the Opening Ceremony until after breaking.
  2. Next comes weapons and breaking. The majority of tournaments require you to buy your boards for breaking them. These boards are usually made from some type of pressboard and are easy to break. If you are attending a tournament in Indiana hosted by the AMAA, you can either bring your own boards or buy them at the tournament. I would strongly suggest you bring your own, they usually don’t have a large supply of boards. You will need #2 white pine 1″ thick. Boards should be 12″x3″ for every young child, 12″x6″ for children and 12″x12″ for adults.
  3. Forms is next. Make sure to remind your child to bow to the competitor coming out of the ring and then bow into the ring. Once in the ring, they need to bow to the judges. After completing their form they should bow again to the judges and then bow out of the ring and then bow to the next competitor competing.
  4. Finally, sparring. There are two types of sparring, point sparring and continuous (or Olympic) sparring. Not all tournaments do both types. Tournaments in Ohio do mostly continuous sparring., although a few also have point sparring. If you are going to an AMAA tournament in Indiana they will have both. Her is a list of ear you will need for both types of sparring:
  • Point Sparring – Helmet, Mouth Guard, Chest Protector, Shin Guards, Forearm Guards, Gloves – you may use regular sparring gloves

No boxing gloves allowed!