KKZ 8-12


Our children’s program is specifically designed for kids ages 8-12. We help our students set both short term and long term goals and continually work towards achieving those goals.

Our curriculum helps children develop and refine their motor skills, as well as exercising to increase speed, power and flexibility.

Our children work on 5 different aspects of martial arts:

  • Character Development
  • Physical Fitness
  • Self-Defense
  • Bully Prevention
  • Self-Esteem

BENEFITS:    Respect-Discipline-Determination-Perseverance-Confidence

While the physical benefits of TaeKwonDo are very great, the mental benefits are just as rewarding. We continually motivate our students to increase their knowledge and willingness to learn. To do this we use the “Black Belt” attitude. The Black Belt attitude teaches students to understand that the path to Black Belt is not one that only happens inside the dojang; it also takes place at your home, at your church, at your school and in your community.